Advancing Surgical Care

For over 20 years, the Ambulatory Care Center had provided better value and better outcomes for our patients through compassionate, personalized care. Our 9,400 square foot facility is home to 3 advanced operating rooms which accommodate over 3,000 surgical cases per year. With warm surroundings and an increased level of individual attention, we find that the stress out outpatient surgery is minimized.

We are proud to serve the same-day surgical needs of the residents of Vineland and our surrounding communities. Our care team is ACLS and PALS certified, and combines decades of experience caring for patients in an outpatient setting.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Ambulatory Care Center is to provide high quality, cost-effective healthcare in an outpatient setting. Through a strong partnership with our patients, community, physicians, employees and other healthcare providers, we’re able to continually improve and develop our services to provide the best comprehensive care in New Jersey.

Our Vision

The Ambulatory Care Center is distinguished as a community outpatient healthcare delivery system offering a broad range of high quality, cost-effective healthcare services that continue to improve the health status in our region.



We strive for the highest personnel and work place standards.


We always display sensitivity and respect in our relationships with patients, physicians, employees and other healthcare providers. All staff members adhere to care guidelines outlined in the Patient’s Bill of Rights.


We promote an environment which enables individuals to make responsible decisions to improve work progress.


We believe in building relationships with employees, patients, physicians, community and other healthcare providers.


We believe in conducting ourselves in an honest, fair and ethical manner.

Exceeding Expectations of Outpatient Services | Ambulatory Care Center


  • To provide outpatient services that meet and exceed our organization’s missions, regulatory standards and customer expectations.
  • To provide services that best meet the needs of our patients.
  • To continuously improve our quality of service, as defined by our patients, which will improve patient satisfaction and operational efficiency, and decrease costs.
  • To comply with HIPAA regulations as they relate to our patient population and ensure privacy to patients and families throughout the preoperative process.

Why Choose Ambulatory Care Centers?

Ambulatory care centers are designed for outpatient procedures and surgeries that do not require extensive stays in a hospital. Today, many hospital cases are being moved to surgery centers for convenience and to ensure the patient’s safety.

Research has shown that these centers have many advantages in terms of cost, care and outcomes. Surgeries are often shorter, recoveries are faster and the infection rates are half that of hospitals. In addition, patients who had a procedure performed at an ambulatory care center were less likely to visit the hospital in the weeks following their surgery.

At our Ambulatory Care Center, our patients receive personalized care from highly qualified, multi-specialty physicians and experienced surgical nursing staff. In addition, our patients are able to get procedures scheduled quickly and in most cases, at a lower cost than if performed in a hospital setting.

For these reasons, ambulatory care centers have been growing rapidly over the last decade. If you are planning for an upcoming surgery and your physician says you are qualified for an ambulatory surgical center, it is well worth the visit and consideration.

What are people saying

"Thank you guys for all of your hard work!! You continue to be our heroes during these tough times in America."

– A.F.

What are people saying

"The staff were all upbeat, friendly and interactive with me from start to finish. I’d refer the facility to friends and family. Good job to all!"

– R.G.

What are people saying

"The nurses and staff were amazing. They were personable, patient and funny. I was nervous and they made me feel a lot better. Thank you."

– M.G.

What are people saying

"Very professional and caring. I felt very safe. Exceptional service. Thank you Ambulatory Care Center!"

– A.T.

What are people saying

"The nurses were incredible! Got a great IV. The facility is clean and run efficiently. My doctor is absolutely the best!"

– M.D.

What are people saying

"The staff is efficient and professional and I would recommend to family and friends. Favorite outpatient surgery center in Cumberland County!"

– P.M.

What are people saying

"Everyone was very thorough and friendly. The place was clean and they scrubbed down everything after each person. I would not hesitate going back there in the future. P.S. I had no pain!"

– R.S.

What are people saying

"All of the girls in the front office, my nurses and my doctor were FANTASTIC! I couldn’t have had a better experience!"

– D.N.
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